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December 15, 2012
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The moment I ran into the door... by KaisiShu The moment I ran into the door... by KaisiShu
...I knew that I had to pull to open it and not by pushing.

Just a very weird not well drawn little sketch :D I had to! I was up until almost one o´clock in the night from Thursday to Friday and I was so sleepy.
When I entered school and was on my way to my classroom I saw this door which was closed and thought: Just don´t bump in to! Just open it and go through it and I pushed it and ran into it, then I realized I had to pull to open it...
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:giggle: my poor dear I did that once at a party ...I was in front of this sliding glass door with 2 drinks in my hand..I thought humm how am I going to open this door...then I spied a small table and decided to put the glasses on that "Bang ouch" ...trouble was in was on the other side of the glass door :rofl:

Anyway hope it didn't hurt too much and guess it woke you up with the shock...:kiss: to make your head better my dear friend :huggle::heart:
Ohhhhhh XD I hope there were no shards!

No it did not hurt that much, but my friends who were on the other side had to laugh because I stood there for a minute to get over the fact that I just did what I did not want to do xD
After that I spilled hot tea over my lap which hurt more, thankfully I wore two tights and a black skirt so it was not that embarrassing xD
oh well keep the kiss metaphorically sweetie that sounds worse hot tea..pain.. boiling water is a pain and yeah lucky on the tights & skirt...yeah know what you mean by that :blush::faint:...

Actually no there wasn't on the glass
but I did hit my head kinda hard..
after that once they got over the shock a few were :rofl:...
oh well :shrug: happens dear :) anyway your ok thats good to know :tighthug::)
CorvusCorax92 Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha Awesome. :)
The only thing more hilarious than people pushing/pulling on doors when they should be doing the opposite, is when they walk into windows or doors because they're so clear that it looks like empty space; for example, the church I went to as a kid had one of those all-glass doors built into all-glass floor to ceiling windows, so it was hard to tell which part was the door and which part was the window, and they were always perfectly clear; guests to the church ran into both of them all the time thinking that part was the open door. It was hilarious, if painful for the other people. :D
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